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Fire Doorset Installation

Our Dual Certificated Fire and Security fire doorsets are supplied with detailed installation information. It is essential that products are installed in accordance with this guidance with this guidance so that they perform as expected.

Our installation guide

The Door-Stop installation instructions are relevant for doorsets certificated to:

  • Certifire CF 5906 (Certificated for Fire)
  • Certisecure CS 5112/ Certifire CF 5863 (Certificated for Security and Fire)

Fire Doorsets are unlike normal doors, they are complex systems of components, tested and third party certificated by independent parties. They are life safety critical products.

The fire doorset installation instructions include...
  • How to prepare your workspace before installation
  • The tools and equipment you will need
  • Fixing specification and location
  • A full breakdown of the installation process
  • Post-installation checklist
  • How to document your installation
  • Lineal gap sealing solutions

Download our installation instructions

Common installation questions

Who should install and maintain my fire doorset?

It is recommended that trained competent installers are used for the installation of fire doorsets. One way of demonstrating competence is to engage third party certificated installers. All fire doorsets are supplied with a copy of the installation guide, also available on our website for download.

What lineal gap seal materials and methods should I use to install the fire doorset?

Please refer to the Installation Guide. There are several solutions for lineal gap sealing systems that are compatible and compliant with the certification of Door-Stop fire doorsets.

How do I install a toplight?

Please refer to the Installation Guide. Glazing of toplights is a complex task and Door-Stop supply their toplights factory glazed with a tested and certificated fitting system to allow the toplight to be fitted without needing to be deglazed on site.

Inspection and Maintenance

Who should inspect a Door-Stop fire doorset?

Inspections of all fire doorsets should be undertaken by a competent person. Inspection should also include the door closer, checking that the door leaf closes and latches from every angle, the variable speed of the door closer is adjusted to ensure safe operation and the door closer has been adjusted to ensure that the appropriate opening and closing forces have been achieved.

In high traffic areas, such as common areas, corridors and stairwells it is recommended that doorsets may require more frequent inspection, in order to identify any wear and tear or product damage. Inspection and maintenance works should be documented in order to record the product history.


A list of our Fire Doorset frequently asked questions.

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