Where can I get a copy of the certification documents?​

The full certificates and data sheets can be downloaded from www.warringtonfire.com.

You can also download copies of our Installation Guide and Resident Guide.

The glass is broken, can I replace it myself?

No – glazed apertures in fire doorsets (within the door leaf or toplight) can only be installed by a trained Door-Stop representative using compatible components.

This will assure the specification is maintained and all parts, including intumescent protection and fixings are in accordance with certification.

Please contact Customer Services at customer.services@door-stop.co.uk.

It is recommended that trained competent installers are used for the installation of fire doorsets. One way of demonstrating competence is to engage third party certificated installers. All fire doorsets are supplied with a copy of the installation guide, also available on our website for download.

Door-Stop do not recommend any components of this fire doorset are changed. If throughout the life of the doorset a component replacement is required, it is critical that the components exactly match those listed on the relevant fire certificates and data sheet for this specific doorset. Changing specification of any components will invalidate product certification, warranties and present safety and performance risk in a fire. Any maintenance works should be carried out by a competent person and documented and kept as part of the building record and fire door register.

Please refer to the Installation Guide. Glazing of toplights is a complex task and Door-Stop supply their toplights factory glazed with a tested and certificated fitting system to allow the toplight to be fitted without needing to be deglazed on site.

There are several solutions for lineal gap sealing systems that are compatible and compliant with the certification of Door-Stop fire doorsets.  Please refer to the certificate and Installation Guide.

What is the lead time of the Door-Stop fire doorset?​

Target 10 Working days – can be subject to change.

Fire doorsets are safety-critical products and we ensure every individual fire doorset has the correct checks carried out on it throughout production.

Who should inspect a Door-Stop fire doorset?​

Inspections of all fire doorsets should be undertaken by a competent person on a regular basis. Inspection should also include the door closer, checking that the door leaf closes and latches from every angle, the variable speed of the door closer is adjusted to ensure safe operation and the door closer has been adjusted to ensure that the appropriate opening and closing forces have been achieved.

In high traffic areas, such as common areas, corridors and stairwells it is recommended that doorsets may require more frequent inspection, in order to identify any wear and tear or product damage. Inspection and maintenance works should be documented in order to record the product history.

Can Door-Stop advise me as to which fire doorset I need?​

It is the building designer’s responsibility and not that of Door-Stop to ensure that the correct doorset specification is used for the particular development, construction or building type.

The Door-Stop website configurator, used to order your fire doorset, is specifically designed to only allow configurations, and therefore orders, for fire doorsets that are compatible within the limitations of the Door-Stop certification.

How do I understand label and traceability of my fire doorset?​

Traceability labels on the edge of the door leaf provide a critical traceability link from the specific doorset back to the manufacturer and relevant certification, throughout the life service of a product.

The label references the specific certificate and data sheet for the doorset and the unique traceability number of the label provides traceability of the manufacturing processes, raw materials and components that relate to the specific doorset. The certificate and data sheet can be downloaded from www.warringtonfire.com.

Labels must not be damaged or removed. The removal of the label/s will result in a failure to meet the certification and therefore invalidate warranties. Labels cannot be replaced without an on-site inspection of the product by a Door-Stop representative and will incur an additional charge.