We are one of the few fire doorset manufacturers to test and certify our doors for both fire and security.

We take a holistic approach to product performance by dual certificating our range for both fire and security performance.

Why it matters?

There are many doorsets that are placed on the market that have fire certificates and security certificates.​

There are only a few doorsets that are truly dual certificated for fire and security with the identical specification.​

Whilst ensuring a product is fit for purpose and meets expectations where fire safety is concerned, why wouldn’t you simultaneously consider the security needs of said product to comfortably exceed fit for purpose status?​

How we help mitigate your risk

  • Our range is manufactured under strict, third party verified, factory production control systems to ensure specification and manufacturing processes.
  • By opting to manufacture fire doorsets as dual certified, and simultaneously making summary test evidence and certification access available, we aspire to provide reputational assurance in the quality of our product making a fire doorset that is truly fit for purpose.​