Digital tools to bring safety and traceability to the top of the agenda

Our digital Golden Thread of traceability starts with our bespoke digital ‘Critical to Safety’ framework. This records the multiple production and specification checks carried out on the components and manufacturing processes of each doorset and helps to ensure that the specification is maintained at every stage of production.

Why it matters?​

Fire doorsets are safety critical products.

Stakeholders in the fire door chain of responsibility, whether it be manufacturers, installers, building designers or residents need to be able to verify that the product that is selected and installed into a building is fit for purpose.

How we help mitigate your risk​

As a responsible manufacturer of life safety products, we ensure our products are checked multiple times through our digital ‘Critical to Safety’ framework. This provides the stakeholder with a clear journey and golden thread of information.

  • We manufacture the doorsets from raw components only, which means we oversee every detail of the doorset construction.
  • We specify and track our components, specification and manufacturing controls of every fire doorset.
  • We know our product inside out and our Critical to Safety digital documentation system creates a golden thread of manufacturing information of every product.