The importance of what makes a doorset either pass or fail

We undertake multiple furnace tests across the range of our Fire Doorsets to understand not only what makes a doorset pass, but also what makes a doorset fail.

Our technical team are dedicated to all elements of the ‘test and third party verification’ process to ensure the specification, production and design delivers a doorset that performs when required.

We also go the extra mile to provide transparency through access to summary test evidence and certification for stakeholders and third-party certification bodies alike.

Why it matters?

Furnace testing is subject to variability.

With furnace variability, to only rely on one single test could present a risk.

If you only rely on a one-off test, do you really have assurance of repeatable performance?

How we help mitigate your risk​

At Door-Stop we have undertaken multiple fire tests across our range of doorsets, gaining thorough knowledge of our product, with the objective of understanding what makes a product pass, but also the contributory factors which make a product fail.

Our independent third party certification bodies have full access to our test evidence in order for them to provide verification of performance.