We create total fire doorset systems that are designed to delay the spread of fire and smoke.​

You need to be confident they will perform as they should. This is where third-party certification makes a difference.​

We’ve launched our Fire and Security Dual-Certificated Doorset range; a design based on a timber core with GRP facings. ​

We have built its dual certification upon a wide and robust foundation of primary test evidence.​


We only undertake fire tests on test samples that are manufactured under witness and verification of an independent third-party. This is why we only produce fire doorsets that are third party certificated to offer layers of assurance.

Dual certification gives the end user confidence that the fire doorset has been assessed in circumstances that can demonstrate that the combined performances of fire and security work in tandem together. ​

We have a saying “we make what we burn” which means our factory production control process and testing regimes ensure we manufacture to the same specification as was tested.

DSI Factory Fire Doorsets


Our product range is tested in multiple configurations to really understand the performance and address potential variability in results. This test evidence supports the specification that is allowed by third party certification.

When we launched the Fire and Security Dual-Certificated Doorset , we wanted to provide the industry with a product that could be installed into the homes of residents with confidence that it would perform as intended in the event of a fire.

We spent a significant amount of time undertaking research and development testing to create the robust primary test evidence base that is used in our certification. This helps us to understand not only what makes a door pass a furnace test, but also the contributory factors which make a product fail.


As a responsible manufacturer of life safety products, we ensure our manufacturing processes are checked multiple times through our digital ‘Critical to Safety’ framework. This provides our stakeholders with a clear journey and golden thread of information, providing the confidence and reassurance you are looking for.​

To provide reassurance around traceability we have developed a bespoke digital ‘Critical to Safety’ framework. This records the multiple production and specification checks carried out on the components and manufacturing processes of each doorset. This helps to ensure that the specification is maintained at every stage of production.

Every doorset is supplied with copies of the full certificate, data sheet and installation instructions, which list the original primary test evidence reports of our product. The label traceability affixed to each doorset means that stakeholders can not only see who the manufacturer was but can also trace their way back to the certificate and access detail of compatible components and specification limitations via a publicly available register. This is a vital link to help stakeholders manage, inspect and maintain the product throughout its lifetime.

DSI Factory Fire Doorsets


Our doorsets are tested with two different methods of lineal gap sealing. Full information is available in our installation instructions.

There are a number of solutions for lineal gap sealing systems that are compatible and compliant with certification of our Doorsets.
We hold primary test evidence (Fire and Smoke leakage) for the following products, tested with our Fire doorset.

Option A: Rockwool RWA45 (backfilling material), capped on both faces with (minimum) 10mm deep FSi Ltd Pyrocoustic Intumescent Sealant.


Option B: Unifrax Insulfrax LTX blanket (backfilling material), capped on both faces with (minimum) 10mm deep Firewise Intumescent and Acoustic Sealant.

Full information is available in our installation instructions.



Our online product configurator tool helps you to tailor the doorset to the required certificated specification. This is a critical control point as orders can only be placed when doorsets comply with a specification that is compatible with the certification.​

To support specifiers and contractors during the specification process, our online product configurator tool can be used to tailor the doorset to the required specification.

Further support is on hand for those that would prefer to discuss projects with one of Masonite’s experienced specification or technical team.


We understand you need a quick turnaround on some projects. So it’s also good to know the lead time for our fully configurable fire doorsets is only 10 days and we have flexible production capacity to support large and specialist contracts.

We manufacture in the UK with a 10 day lead-time for doorsets so that we can support large refurbishment contracts and reactive maintenance. Also, as our business is part of the Masonite group, you have security of supply and support long after the doors are installed.