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Fire Doorset Testing

How are fire doorsets tested?

Before a fire doorset sample is tested, the manufacture of the test samples is witnessed by an independent third party auditor to ensure that the specification exactly matches the sample that is presented for test and matches the declared specification of components on the primary test evidence report. The witnessed doorsets samples are marked with tamperproof markings by the auditor to ensure that they are not changed or amended before the test.

Door-Stop have their test samples witnessed by an independent auditor to provide assurance to our stakeholders that the design exactly matches that which is presented for test, and the specification recorded on the test report.

Once the test sample has been manufactured, the next stage is to furnace test it at a UKAS accredited test laboratory. The samples are surveyed by the test laboratory before the test and they record relevant information such as size, gaps around the door and frame and specification of visible components. The samples are also surveyed for the traceability marks left by the independant auditor when the test samples were witnessed in manufacturing.

In the UK it is acceptable to test fire doors to either the British (BS 476-22:1987) or European standards (BS EN 1634-1:2014).

Fire Door testing

Once the doorset is secured into the furnace wall, it is then fire tested. Sensors, including thermocouples are attached to the face of the door record performance of different element of the doorset and the test such as deflection of the doorleaf and temperature of the furnace.

The duration of the test is the number of minutes for which the doorset is to be classified (e.g. 30 minutes for an FD30 door). Door-Stop test their doorsets to destruction and record the overrun in their test reports.

Primary Test Evidence

Primary test evidence is the test evidence that is provided in the form of a fire door test report. The report details the exact specification of the product and how it was tested. This primary evidence is the foundation for certification. In isolation, the fire test report demonstrates how one particular sample fire doorset performed at one point in time. It is not considered the best measure of ongoing and repeatable performance of each doorset manufactured.

The strength of primary evidence comes when it is combined with third party certification where critical factory production control systems are in place and regularly audited along with control of raw materials and components in order to manufacture each doorset to the same standards and specification as the doorset tested in the primary evidence.

The third party certification scheme also has the added benefit of a traceability element to the doorset installed that links the doorset back to the certificated scope.

Door-Stop have tested a wide range of different configurations in line with recognised British and European standards in order to provide assurance of performance across the range and have undertaken an extended testing program in order to underpin our certification portfolio. This includes fire testing, security performance testing and smoke leakage testing.

The extensive testing provides primary evidence to cover the entire Door-Stop range and is supported by regular third party auditing and testing. Our products are always tested as complete systems; including the frame, doorleaf, glazing and ironmongery and the installation method and lineal gap sealing system to replicate as closely as possible, the in-built installation of the product when installed in a building.

Furnace Testing from both directions

Furnace testing from both directions means that the doorset has been fire tested with the fire attack side from both sides of the door system to demonstrate performance. As Door-Stop doorsets are classified as Timber doorsets, there is no requirement for us to undertake fire testing from both directions. However, to ensure we provide the strongest assurance to our fire doorset stakeholders, fire testing has been carried out from both directions on a wide range of doorset and toplight designs in order to prove performance.

Below, you will find links to the certificates for the Door-Stop fire and security doorset range. The full certificate and data-sheet can be downloaded from

Fire Door testing
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Download the certificates

Warringtonfire provide our third party certification. Here you will find links to the certificates for the Door-Stop Fire and Security doorset range.

Doorset Labels

All doorsets also include a range of labels to provide full traceability throughout the supply chain. These comprise the manufacturer details, a unique sequential number and the fire doorset certificate number.

This label must never be removed from the door. The unique sequential number provides a traceable link back to raw material, manufacturing processes and control systems specific to the individual doorset.

Dual certificate of Fire and Security Doorset

Dual Certification: Fire & Security Doorset

Single certificate of Fire and Security Doorset

Single Certification: Fire Doorset

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